Social Media Cheat sheet – Image sizes

Social Media Cheat Sheet - Image sizes

Updated February 2020

Social media and social network platforms are organic entities in constant change and evolution. What works today doesn’t work tomorrow.
We know that very well by now…

The same goes for image sizes. As the platforms evolve, and get their design tweak, the image sizes change. I decided to scrape the web around to create a Cheat sheet for myself, and some clients, but why not make it public for everyone? I’m sure you will benefit from it to. Save it in your favourites as it gets updated as needed.

I won’t write a lot about (Or actually probably nothing) each size as just listing them should be quite self explanatory but if you have any questions, please let me know.



Facebook cover size is 820 x 360 pixels however you need to take some details in consideration.

Facebook Event Cover

1920 x 1080 px

Instagram Posts

1:1 – 1080 x 1080 px⁣
1.91:1 – 1080 x 608 px⁣
4:5 – 1080 x 1350 px⁣

9:16 – 1080 x 1920px⁣

1:1 – 1080 x 1080 px⁣
1.91:1 – 1080 x 608 px⁣
4:5 – 1080 x 1350 px⁣

IGTV Cover Photo⁣
1:1.55 – 420 x 654 px⁣

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