Hello. I’m Victoria, the founder of Full Circle digital.
I’m a south american lady turned Sydney sider many moons ago living in the lower north shore.

I’m a digital native and that’s all I know. ‘m passionated about the possibilities that the online world bring to people and businesses in general and I want to help. The desire to make a difference in the world really burns inside me and that’s why I started Full circle digital.

For the last 20 years I have been immersed in the digital stratosphere working for the most amazing brands and companies out there.
My linked in profile can give you more detailed information about it.

However I really understand that having a full digital team, specially a product manager, is a privilege most of the time only afforded to the big corps or fully funded start up. So I decided to share all this expertise accrued throughout all these years with small and medium businesses by bringing you this digital knowledge in a capacity your business need and help your business achieve the results you want.

If your digital presence is working well for you, imagine the possibilities.

On a more detailed and technical note, I have experience working across all aspects of digital projects.
That includes digital strategy, commercial, E2E product management, innovation, E2E Project management, UX, UI, CX, validation. That’s for Webpages, Digital products, APPS, Saas, Social media etc.

Having worked with so many industries, different size projects and initiatives, and goals (did I mention different countries?) gives me the ability to quickly understand, adjust and adapt.

If you are just starting and only want a simple website, although made right, or if you are a medium business looking into a new idea, let’s talk!